All the Mirrors of the World

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For many years, this was an account of much lurking and sporadic community activity while being in itself exceedingly bare. Since early 2010, I have become a (comparatively) quite active contributor to communities (read: fandoms!), and this somehow dragged my personal journal out of the mud of apathy (read: more fandom!).

Also on the rise since early 2010 has been my fanfic output. While most of the more substantial pieces appear at the beloved Pit of Voles, where I dwell under the name of Zallah (no gold letters above the door, alas), a truly complete list of all my fanfiction can be found in this journal entry.

Major obsessions: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Julius Caesar.

`So, thirteen years ago in Britannia, he ran into a bunch of fat lares, told them he wished he could rule the world, and they let him?' cried Cassius---or rather his shade---in exasperation. `Well, that explains it then.'