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Title: Echoes (also on AO3)
Fandoms, Characters: Sapphire & Steel - Sapphire, Steel; Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Maria Absalom (plus certain cameos)
Word Count: About 2800
Summary: Sapphire and Steel investigate curious happenings in a ruinous house.
Notes: Of the two fandoms, this fic is almost certainly more accessible from the direction of Sapphire & Steel, even if only because expectations from that side are so much more likely to encompass the unclear or unexplained. A fan of S&S alone would probably be able to appreciate a case fic of the more bizarre sort; a JS&MN fan would predominately find an outside perspective on a familiar world and a trace character given more significant focus

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Not Seeing

Title: Not Seeing
Fandom, Characters: Doctor Who episode `Robots of Death'; D84/Poul (ish)
Rating: PG
Word Count: About 1500
Summary: In the beginning, Poul could not imagine that his assignment to the sand miner was anything other than a Bad Idea, all the way around. Gradually, however, he discovers that at least part of the ordeal is not as miserable of an experience as he had anticipated.
Notes: Long story as to why this got written. I heard about the D84/Poul prompt over at whoniverse1000, but was too obtuse at the time to work out that the fic had actually been written. The more I thought about it, though, the more I wanted such a fic to exist, so I started writing my own. Then I found out the fic had been written, and my own spent months in Minor Revision Limbo, but here we all are at last.

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I do not know what is up with my present supply of Subtext Goggles (TM). I think they have become sentient and have either begun playing dice, or else devised a very complex sorting algorithm to determine which pair will apply itself to my vision at any given time (or maybe fandom).

From my new (and very enthusiastic) interpretation of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, I deduce that I have acquired a pair of Asexual Goggles. Given that certain formerly favoured (or at least liked/tolerated) ships have been doing more sinking than sailing lately, I further suspect that I picked up a pair of Aromantic Goggles somewhere as well. Admittedly, these are nearest to my own perspective, so perhaps it is logical for me to have invested in the appropriate pairs of Subtext Goggles . . . until, that is, we consider that most of my nominally preferred ships are M/M which is . . . not an orientation with which I have personal experience.

And then, just last week, I finally read Mansfield Park (the one remaining novel of Jane Austen's that I had not yet read) and was struck with an urge to ship Fanny/Edmund/Mary. Which just boggles the mind, because I can't imagine how a Regency-Era threesome could possibly work out; I daresay my imagination is rather limited in this respect. (And yet. This is a novel with a sodomy joke.) Still. OT3 Goggles? Apparently.

ETA: Edmund. Not Edward. Because I am an idiot, or something. :P

King Lear (1953)

Most of a year ago, I watched the most insane production of King Lear . . . well, maybe second most insane after Nahum Tate's rewrite (which I have yet to read myself). It's a made-for-TV movie from 1953 with Orson Welles (Citizen Kane, Chimes at Midnight, etc.) as Lear. [At the time in question, I started writing this up, but evidently got sidetracked along the way, so I present below---for the curious, including my future self---the report I began typing, and, afterwards, my notes to self as I was watching the film.]

The play is reduced to a mere 82 minutes by means of a whole ton of cuts, most notably including the excision of the entire subplot of Gloucester's sons. Poor Tom does appear, but he's nothing more than Poor Tom. The absence of Edmund, meanwhile, means that we get instead a Goneril-Oswald-Regan love triangle, the final fall-out of which is pretty hilarious: Lear and Cordelia have been sent off (there wasn't actually a battle; Oswald just waltzed in with a bunch of soldiers and packed them off to prison), and Regan says she's going to marry Oswald. Of course Goneril objects, but Albany objects further and pulls out a letter from Goneril to Oswald which he reads aloud. After he finishes, Regan strangles Goneril, and then Oswald stabs Regan and then himself, and then suddenly decides to tell Albany about what he did to Lear and Cordelia.

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Fanfic makes a difference?

It's nice to know that my petty dabblings in other people's sandboxes can have such profound effects upon others. Why, just today, I learn that my Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell / `Doubtful Guest' crossover offers profound insight into, I believe, the diagnosis and treatment of depression. I confess, I am a little uncertain about exactly what wonderful ideas I allegedly inspired; I regret to say that the praise offered was a trifle vague.

Depression definition
I wanted to thank you yet again for this amazing web-site you have designed here. It’s full of ideas for those who are definitely interested in this subject, especially this very post. You’re really all absolutely sweet and thoughtful of others plus reading your blog posts is a superb delight if you ask me. And what a generous gift! Ben and I are going to have fun making use of your points in what we should instead do next week. Our list is a mile long and tips might be put to good use.
My website is about Depression treatment [url excised].

I'm honoured, I'm sure. Or at least I am having fun making use of their points in my own mockery. ;)

Observations of Disparate Fairies

Title: Observations of Disparate Fairies
Prompt: The doubtful guest walks into a bar ballroom and meets... Emma Wintertowne!
Fandoms: `The Doubtful Guest' (Edward Gorey) and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Word count: about 1700
Rating: G
Warnings: spoilers through chapter 26 of JS&MN
Notes and Summary: Written for intoabar. One evening, an unusual visitor arrives at Lost-hope, where it encounters one of the few humans to be found there.

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I have realized, a week late, that I entirely forgot to mark my Cassius' birthday/deathday.* This feels dreadfully careless and inconsiderate of me. Howbeit, I don't think I really have anything better to do than wish Caius Cassius Longinus a belated 2052nd deathday, and 2090-something-eth birthday, which I hereby do. Happy ones, I suppose, if he wants them so, but I won't insist upon it.

*Granted, there are various dates for the first battle of Philippi, but the 3rd is generally fairly popular, and I haven't gotten around to making even a silly paltry attempt at evaluating the various sources.

More Rome Ramblings

Right. So. I've just watched the first six episodes of season two. And yeah, that means I got to the episode Philippi. Actually Cicero's death was marginally more moving than Cassius' and Brutus', but still . . . I mean that whole episode . . . .

I'll be in a little tragic lump in my room wishing for a copy of Appian to add to my sorrow.

P.S. - Er, in case it isn't clear, that's not me grousing about historical inaccuracies (which were plentiful but effectively trivial), that's me going `That was so sad I was most of the way to crying.' [Trudges off to corner of misery.]

Roman Wall Painting Rant

One of the first comments I remember hearing about the series Rome was the professor of my Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome class complaining that the wall paintings were grossly anachronistic. (I recall he also took exception to the pronunciation of the name Pompey.)

Anyway, since I became rather a fan of wall painting over the course of that class, I have made a point of looking into the matter while watching Rome. According to my diagnosis, Atia has third style wall paintings (or possibly border-line third-forth) and Servilia definitely has forth style. Now, period wise, we ought to be seeing first or second.

Which, really, I find very disappointing, because I'm especially partial to second style. My essay in that class was about a certain second style fresco. I even wrote a fanfic about second style wall paintings, thank you kindly (it's a crossover with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell).

Not to say I dislike Rome because of this. Oh no. I've finished the whole first season already. And I will be at the library tomorrow to pick up the second season, which has come in. I am much excited. :D


A 1927 silent film by Fritz Lang, who later gave us M, which has Peter Lorre and will make you run for cover when you hear `In the Hall of the Mountain King'; Metropolis will do the same for Dies Irae, and possibly even the Marseillaise (or at least a slightly twisted version of it).* I say `will do' because, of course, you should totally watch it.

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*Actually, to be honest, the only music proven to freak me out is that weird electronic twangy thing that crops up in at least Assignments 2 and 6 of Sapphire and Steel whenever something creepy is about to happen. I know this, because I recently rewatched the TOS episode `Space Seed', where Khan gets the same thing as a leitmotif whenever he's about to do something nasty---cue curling up in a ball in my chair.