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Roman Wall Painting Rant

One of the first comments I remember hearing about the series Rome was the professor of my Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome class complaining that the wall paintings were grossly anachronistic. (I recall he also took exception to the pronunciation of the name Pompey.)

Anyway, since I became rather a fan of wall painting over the course of that class, I have made a point of looking into the matter while watching Rome. According to my diagnosis, Atia has third style wall paintings (or possibly border-line third-forth) and Servilia definitely has forth style. Now, period wise, we ought to be seeing first or second.

Which, really, I find very disappointing, because I'm especially partial to second style. My essay in that class was about a certain second style fresco. I even wrote a fanfic about second style wall paintings, thank you kindly (it's a crossover with Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell).

Not to say I dislike Rome because of this. Oh no. I've finished the whole first season already. And I will be at the library tomorrow to pick up the second season, which has come in. I am much excited. :D


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Oct. 11th, 2010 05:58 am (UTC)
For the sake of "ATIA FELLAT OMNES", I can forgive them. :P (Because I am 3 years old.) But yeah, I... don't even really notice those things. What about the title sequence? (I suppose that's more graffiti, but I seem to remember there being at least some actual art.)
Oct. 11th, 2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
I don't know much about graffiti or external paintings . . . it came up once or twice, but we didn't dwell long on it. Anyway, I can't really speak about the title sequence.

One thing I have to say that I do like is that they really do make sure that everything isn't all shiny and white and everything. Once I learned that everything was painted (provided it wasn't built out of colored marble to begin with) that really annoyed me . . . at least until I gave up ever seeing any sword and sandal type epic done without vast structures of gleaming white marble. But Rome doesn't, and that is awesome. :) And the graffiti is entertaining, too.
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